Shriyantha Wimalasekera

Director of Photography / Camera Operator


A specialized Cinematographer


Shriyantha Wimalasekera a Los Angeles based Director of Photography and Camera Operator. With experience on a wide array of productions, from narrative feature films to documentaries and web-based content, Shriyantha brings experience and know how to every set. In addition, he has specialized in multiple aspects of operating including Gimbal operating, AntigravityCam, and Motocrane. Shriyantha seeks to bring unique vision to every project he is a part of.

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My Work


Camera Operator

Specialization is key

Gimbal Operating

  • A stabilization device that utilizes electric motors to keep the camera level.


  • A body mounted stabilization device that utilizes gimbals as a hot head, the AntigravityCam offers glass smooth stabilization and 9-foot boom range anywhere. This device effectively turns a single operator into a mobile Technocrane that gets up and ready within minutes.
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  • The "go anywhere car crane", the Motocrane is a mobile crane that can affix itself on top of any car and handle speeds of up to 80 mph. The completely portable device makes it's home in on-location shoots in places where it's too difficult to bring out a traditional Russian Arm.
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